Aamal Company is one of the largest, most diversified and fastest-growing companies in Qatar offering investors a high quality and balanced exposure to Qatar’s economic growth and development.

Formed in 2003,  Aamal Company became a public shareholding company listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange on 5th December 2007 with a paid up capital of QAR3.45 billion. Aamal has since increased its paid up capital to QAR 6.3 billion.

Aamal is widely diversified with operations across four segments; Industrial Manufacturing, Property, Trading and Distribution and Managed Services comprising 26 active business units, some of which have been operating in Qatar for almost 40 years, achieving strong market-leading positions in the areas they operate in.

Aamal’s success has been centered upon a strategy designed to identify key growth opportunities, capitalising on them through the deployment of capital and partnering with industry leaders, who provide the required level of expertise, when necessary. Aamal’s diversified approach is a source of strength, providing both a degree of stability and a platform to take full advantage of these opportunities, as and when they arise.

It is Aamal’s goal to create, invest and develop a wealth of countless opportunities for its stakeholders, always striving to exceed expectations and achieve the optimal results.

For further information on Aamal Company, please refer to the corporate website: http://www.aamal.com.qa